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As time passes or your life circumstances change, you may outgrow a tattoo that you once enjoyed. If you’re exploring your options for tattoo removal, Xiaobin Li, MD, and the medical team at Everest Urgent Care offer safe, effective tattoo removal with PicoSure®. The laser even removes hard-to-treat tattoo colors like blue, black, and green. To see if tattoo removal is right for you, call the practice in Upper Darby or Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How are tattoos removed?

PicoSure laser is a new technology for effective tattoo removal. With rapid pulses of energy that travel at trillionths of a second, PicoSure works by vibrating and shattering the tiny particles of pigment in your tattoo without burning your skin.

Your body’s lymphatic system then absorbs the shattered ink particles and naturally eliminates them.

PicoSure works to remove:

  • Multi-colored tattoos, including blue and green inks
  • Hard-to-remove black ink
  • Stubborn, previously treated tattoos

Most PicoSure treatments take only 10 minutes, although removal of larger tattoos takes longer.

What should I expect during tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal may feel similar to when you got your tattoo in the first place. Because PicoSure doesn’t solely rely on heat to break apart ink particles, it’s likely you’ll feel less discomfort during treatment compared to older laser systems.

To help you feel comfortable during treatment, your doctor applies a numbing cream beforehand. You’ll hear a popping sound as they move the PicoSure laser device over your tattoo. Treatment typically takes 10 minutes or so, depending on the size of your tattoo.

The number of treatment sessions you need depends on several factors, including the location and size of your tattoo, ink characteristics, and your lifestyle. Your treatments are typically staggered 6-8 weeks apart. Your doctor discusses all of these factors with you to come up with the right treatment plan.  

What should I expect after tattoo removal?

After your session, your body’s scavenger cells gradually carry away ink particles. Your doctor explains how to care for your skin as it heals to achieve optimal results.

It’s common to see some changes in the treatment area, including:

  • Redness
  • Crusting
  • Blistering
  • Pinpoint bleeding

The treated area also may change in color.

Overall, PicoSure tattoo removal may provide you with better results after fewer treatment sessions and a shorter recovery time compared to traditional tattoo removal systems.

If you’re tired of covering up an old tattoo or you’re seeking a fresh start, perhaps it’s time to see if tattoo removal is right for you. Call or schedule a consultation online today with Everest Urgent Care.