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You strive to take great care of your skin, but the forces of time and the elements are taking a toll. Are you searching for an anti-aging treatment to achieve more youthful skin? Everest Urgent Care in Upper Darby and Havertown, Pennsylvania, offers PicoSure®. This nonsurgical laser therapy treats wrinkles, minimizes sun spots, and fades scars. To see if PicoSure anti-aging treatment is right for you, call today or book a consultation online with Xiaobin Li, MD.

Anti-Aging Q & A

What causes skin aging?

Over time, an array of internal and external forces change the once-youthful appearance of your skin. These factors include your genes, your environment, and lifestyle choices, such as diet, exercise routine, and whether or not you smoke. The result leaves you with:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation

Even if you already see the signs of premature skin aging, you can benefit from making lifestyle changes now. Making a habit of wearing sunscreen may give your skin a chance to repair sun damage. Quitting smoking may improve the appearance of your complexion.

If the signs of aging bother you, Everest Urgent Care offers PicoSure anti-aging laser therapy to smooth wrinkles, lighten sun spots, and more.

What is PicoSure anti-aging treatment?

Among a new generation of non-damaging laser technologies, PicoSure penetrates your skin with rapid flashes of laser energy delivered in picoseconds. The brief duration of heat results in fewer side effects compared to old-style lasers. PicoSure provides rapid recovery with virtually no downtime.

The FDA-approved system uses PressureWave™ technology, transforming laser energy into gentle pressure on your skin. The pressure penetrates below the surface of your skin to stimulate a natural healing process. Your skin responds by generating a new network of collagen and elastin, giving your complexion a smoother, more youthful appearance.

What happens during PicoSure anti-aging treatment?

Your doctor begins by applying a numbing cream to your skin to make you comfortable. As they pass the small PicoSure device over your treatment area, you hear rapid clicking sounds — a sign the laser is working. For some, the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping on their skin. The procedure is brief, usually taking 10 minutes or so.

What happens after PicoSure anti-aging treatment?

After your treatment session, you can resume all of your usual activities. Your skin may appear slightly swollen and reddish for approximately 1-3 hours following your session. Your recovery is individual and depends on the condition being treated and your own ability to heal.

Your doctor creates a treatment plan for you based on the condition of your skin and desired results. To remove sun spots, you typically visit Everest Urgent Care every 2-6 weeks. For wrinkles, your treatment sessions are usually staggered every 3-4 weeks.

Once your sessions are complete, your doctor may recommend maintenance treatments every six months to help keep sun spots and wrinkles at bay.

Find out more about anti-aging treatments today. Call Everest Urgent Care or schedule a consultation online.