Why Is Physical Therapy So Important After an Injury?

Have you recently suffered from an injury that won’t go away? Maybe you were involved in a car accident or sports injury that’s impairing the way you move and go about your daily life. Physical therapy is a crucial step in getting you back to action pain-free. Without it, you risk improper healing and being impaired for longer periods of time, which could lead to complications down the road.

At Everest Urgent Care, we provide physical therapy to many of our patients that have been limited by their injuries.

What is physical therapy?

In short, physical therapy seeks to help people with injuries or other medical problems that cause pain or limit their limit their movement and ability to function in their daily lives. It uses a combination of therapeutic exercise, physical modalities, and assistive devices to help achieve success. Physical therapy is commonly used to:

Physical therapy is a beneficial treatment for people of all ages.

What are common injuries that require physical therapy?

There are many different types of injuries that can benefit from physical therapy. Here are some of the most common we see when treating our patients with physical therapy.

Musculoskeletal dysfunction

These include rotator cuff tears, back pain, and osteoarthritis. 

Sports-related injuries

There are a wide variety of sports injuries, but some of the most common that we see include concussions, ACL tears, and hamstring strains.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Caused by a number of factors, but most typically from repetitive hand and wrist motions that aggravate tendons in the wrist.


Often caused by car accidents that force your head and neck to rapidly move back and forth.

What to expect from physical therapy

When it comes to physical therapy, each case is very unique to the individual. To make sure we’re providing you with the best care possible, you first undergo an assessment of your injury so we can better understand its severity. Once complete, we work with you to design a program and tailor it to your injury. The severity of your injury dictates how often you need to see us to receive physical therapy, but you can typically expect to see us for about an hour once to twice a week until your injury has improved. We also provide you with stretches and exercises that you can do on your own when you’re not at our office.

If you’ve recently been injured and think that physical therapy might be right for you, call or schedule an appointment with us today for a consultation.

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