Vaccine Requirement for U.S. Immigration

America has a lot to offer tourists and immigrants. Diverse culture and landscapes, artistic treasures, geological sights, famous buildings, and beautiful coasts are only a fraction of what the US offers. Knowing vaccine requirements before you prepare to travel or permanently move will remove possible obstacles to entry.

If you’re trying to become a legal permanent US resident, you must prove that you’re vaccinated against certain diseases, a requirement passed by Congress in 1996.

At Everest Urgent Care, our providers offer more than just urgent care. We have a dedicated and highly trained team of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners who treat a diverse community. With offices in both Upper Darby and Havertown, Pennsylvania, we specialize in immigration physicals and vaccines necessary for the immigration process.

Do you have questions about the vaccine requirements for US immigration? We have answers.

Who needs vaccines?

Tourists or business travelers traveling to the US on the Visa Waiver Program aren’t required to have any mandatory vaccinations for their trip. However, if you have a green card or an immigrant visa and want to change your status, you’ll need to prove that you’ve seen a doctor for an immigration physical, and you’ve received the necessary vaccinations.

For long-term stays in the US, you must meet vaccination requirements for schools, universities, and workplaces. Depending on the conditions, you may need the following vaccines:

Which vaccines will I need?

If you’re seeking permanent resident status in the US, you have to have proof that you’ve received the necessary vaccines before you apply.

You and each person in your family may have different requirements. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) uses specific criteria to determine your needs. A vaccine must be age-appropriate. It either must protect against a disease that has the potential to induce an epidemic or protect you against a disease that has already been eradicated (or in the process of being eliminated) in the US.

If you’ve previously been vaccinated, bring your records with you at the time of your medical examination. Suppose your history or medical condition prevents you or  a family member from receiving a vaccine. In that case, a provider at Everest Urgent Care will administer vaccines as needed and ensure your paperwork indicates any contraindications

Do I have to get all vaccines at once?

No, you don’t have to receive all vaccinations during your medical exam. Some vaccines are only part of a series that take several months to complete. However, you will need the initial doses appropriate for your age group.

If you’re considering immigrating to the US, we can help. Our providers at Everest Urgent Care will conduct the required examination and provide vaccinations as needed. After the exam, the doctor fills out your I-693 form, which is the Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record that must be completed before you apply for permanent legal status. Your application may be denied without the proper paperwork.

Are you new to the US or interested in changing your legal status? Call or schedule a consultation online today. You can also send us a secure message. We look forward to being a part of your exciting journey in America.

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