Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin with PicoSure®

If you’re bothered by wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging but aren’t ready for surgery, you may be the ideal candidate for treatment with the revolutionary PicoSure® laser system by Cynosure®.

Xiaobin Li, MD at Everest Urgent Care is highly skilled in using PicoSure technology to reverse the signs of aging on your skin without the need for incisions. The in-office anti-aging treatments are a great, noninvasive way to restore your youthful-looking, vibrant skin.

Why your skin looks that way

As your body ages, it produces less of the collagen and elastin necessary to support skin health. These proteins are what give your skin volume and flexibility, so when you lose them, your skin becomes loose, sags, and wrinkles around your mouth, lips, and nose.

How PicoSure reverses the effects of aging in your skin

PicoSure is a noninvasive laser treatment that focuses on restoring collagen and elastin production in your body. The innovative PressureWave™ laser technology of PicoSure works by delivering rapid bursts of energy into the deeper layers of your skin to trigger your body’s own ability to heal. These pulses of energy are so fast, they change the pressure against the tissue underneath your skin, stimulating an increased production of new, healthy collagen and elastin.

As collagen and elastin production builds in the weeks after your treatment, you begin to see the visible effects. Your skin becomes more flexible, and you regain firmness and smoothness in the treatment area(s) as the new collagen and elastin fill in the parts of your skin that have wrinkled or sagged.

Because treatments with PicoSure address the root cause of your aged appearance, and because new collagen and elastin continue to build in the months after your treatment, you can enjoy your results for months, or even years.

Most importantly, because PicoSure relies on your body’s own natural healing ability, your results always look natural, and there’s never a concern for the types of complications or health risks associated with other laser treatments.

PicoSure for other common skin flaws

In addition to the anti-aging benefits of PicoSure treatments, Dr. Li can recommend and use the PicoSure system for skin rejuvenation.

Laser rejuvenation treatments address other skin issues that affect how you feel about your appearance, including:

These common skin discolorations become more common as you age because of your continued exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.  

PicoSure laser energy breaks down the pigmented areas of skin, reducing their visibility. Your body processes the broken-down tissue naturally as waste without the need for any medical intervention.

To achieve the best results from PicoSure treatments for both wrinkles and skin discolorations, Dr. Li creates a treatment plan that typically involves multiple laser sessions customized to your needs. PicoSure laser energy is also safe enough to use for maintenance therapy to help you retain your results.

If you want to eliminate your wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin without the need for surgery, schedule a skin evaluation with Dr. Li by calling Everest Urgent Care or by requesting an appointment online today.

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