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Regret That Tattoo? Removal Has Never Been Easier

Whether it hurts your chances of getting a corporate job or you just grew out of it, an unwanted tattoo can cause unnecessary embarrassment. 

Luckily, tattoo-removal technology has evolved significantly in the last few years. It’s now less painful and more effective at removing ink.

The new PicoSure technology uses shorter pulses of light than previous lasers. It removes tattoo ink more effectively by enabling your own immune system to get rid of the pigment in your skin via the lymphatic system. 

Here’s what you need to know about the newest laser technology used for tattoo removal. Our team of specialists at Everest Urgent Care can answer any other questions and help determine if this procedure is a good fit for you.

How PicoSure differs from previous tattoo-removal technologies 

Compared to previous lasers, PicoSure uses shorter pulses of energy, which makes it more effective at targeting ink without damaging the skin surrounding a tattoo.

PicoSure offers another significant advantage in the removal of colorful tattoos. PicoSure can target any ink color with the same efficiency, including hard-to-remove black ink and blue and green inks that used to leave traces on the skin with past technology. 

What will I feel when my tattoo is removed? 

Your doctor first applies numbing cream to your skin to lessen discomfort and pain.

In most cases, the removal of a tattoo takes about 10 minutes, but it can take longer, depending on the size and intricacy of the tattoo. You will hear a popping sound as the laser goes over your skin.

Redness, blistering, and crusting can occur after the procedure, but you can manage all of these symptoms with painkillers and skin-protecting Aquaphor ointment. Overall, the procedure involves less pain and less downtime when compared to older lasers. 

PicoSure works safely on all skin types 

Because PicoSure uses ultra-fast pulses and specialized wavelengths, your risk of injury to the surrounding skin are reduced. The procedure is also less likely to affect the pigment of your skin.

Additionally, if you’ve undergone a tattoo-removal procedure in the past and were unsatisfied with the results, you can use PicoSure for corrective purposes.

How long will it take to see results? 

A decrease in the pigmentation of a tattoo is noticeable within hours. For best results, however, you may need several sessions to remove the ink.

Many men and women report having a positive experience with this new technology, and studies show that the PicoSure laser is more effective and has fewer side effects than other tattoo removal lasers. 

If you’ve outgrown your tattoo and live near Upper Darby or Havertown, Pennsylvania, our team of specialists at Everest Urgent Care can help you remove it safely. Please contact us with your questions and concerns so we can remove that tattoo ASAP.

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