Fight Back Against Sun Damage with Laser Therapy

Are you nervous about showing up in pictures on social media because of sun damage or wrinkles? Sun damage is an injury to your skin that your body can’t repair on its own. Laser treatments can, however, reverse signs of aging and sun damage.

Our specialists are experts in using PicoSure® laser treatments at both urgent care centers in Upper Darby and Havertown, Pennsylvania. Everest Urgent Care provides skin rejuvenation procedures to help rebuild lost confidence in a safe and comfortable environment, turning back the hands of time with smoother, wrinkle-free skin. No one should worry about having their picture taken.

How does the sun damage skin?

If you’re spending too much time in the sun, your skin might become damaged. Research indicates that 80% of your skin’s aging is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Stealing essential components

Healthy skin contains moisture and essential oils, which is why healthy skin requires plenty of water, moisturization, and sun protection every day. The UV rays dry out unprotected skin, sapping it of your natural lubricating oils. You might begin to notice dry or flaky skin. A sunburn is actually a kind of injury to the skin, causing painful redness and even blisters. If the sunburn is especially severe, it can also cause nausea and dizziness.

Damaging necessary proteins

The sun penetrates all the way down to the middle layer of your skin, called the dermis. This is the second layer of skin in which your all-important collagen and elastin are stored. Both of these proteins are what keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Elastin keeps your skin supple and resilient. Collagen is what makes up most of your skin, giving it a smooth appearance. A healthy dermis layer is responsible for maintaining your youthful glow by warding off wrinkles and fine lines.

Aging your skin

UV radiation prematurely ages your skin as well. Once your skin has reddened and become painful, the sun has already damaged the DNA in your skin cells. The sun’s harmful rays break down the elastic and collagen in your skin. The dermis is also the layer that contains your pain receptors, which is why sunburns can hurt so much. 

Fighting back against sun damage

Sun damage causes lasting changes in your skin’s youthful appearance that can’t be reversed on its own. Luckily, the skilled team at Everest Urgent Care knows how to fight and even reverse these signs of sun damage. 

PicoSure is the ultimate warrior against sun-damaged skin. This laser therapy treatment uses what’s called a picosecond laser, which reduces wrinkles without causing harm to your skin. Older laser treatment methods left large areas of painful redness, making patients recover at home, hiding until the skin healed. 

PicoSure is a gentle skin rejuvenation laser process that uses laser energy instead of outdated methods of applying heat to treat sun damage. PicoSure delicately manipulates the injured cells and proteins in the deeper middle layer of your skin, allowing the renewed production of your essential collagen and elastin proteins. There’s no raw-looking skin afterward, and there’s no need to hide away when the procedure is complete.

What is PicoSure treatment?

The laser therapy treatment session is quick, lasting 15 minutes or less. We apply a numbing cream to the sun-damaged area before the doctor uses the picosecond laser, which is then used as a massage wand on your skin. The best part of a PicoSure treatment is that there’s no downtime, and you can resume your normal daily functions right away.

Are you ready to get rid of sun damage and smile for the camera?  Give us a call at one of our two locations for more information, or you can send us a secure message.

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