A Fresh Start: What Can PicoSure® do for Your Ink?

You’re not alone if you’re having a change of heart about your tattoo. Of the more than 45 million people in the United States who have a tattoo, about 25% have regrets about their ink. 

But thanks to innovations in aesthetic technology, our tattoo removal specialist at Everest Urgent Care, with offices in Darby and Havertown, Pennsylvania, Dr. Xiaobin Li, can give you a fresh start with PicoSure®. This advanced laser tool works quickly and effectively to give you back your ink-free skin. 

The power of PicoSure 

Laser tattoo removal has improved over the years, but none of the laser tools compare to the power of PicoSure. Referred to as the next generation of aesthetic lasers, PicoSure uses a combination of physics and medical science to remove your tattoo without heating the ink or the surrounding tissue.

Created by Cynosure®, one of the industry leaders in aesthetic laser treatments, the advanced laser tool delivers rapid pulses of light to the pigments under your skin. The pulses created by the laser vibrate the tattoo ink under your skin, which causes the pigmented cells to shatter without affecting any of your surrounding tissue. 

Because of its advanced technology, PicoSure can effectively remove even the most hard-to-treat tattoos, including:

If you’ve been told your tattoo is too old or the colors are too difficult to get the results you want, our tattoo removal specialist may be able to help. 

Pressure instead of heat

Most laser tattoo removal systems work by heating the pigmentation under your skin to melt it. Unfortunately, the heat produced by these lasers may affect the surrounding skin.

Instead of heat, PicoSure uses pressure to remove the ink. The advanced laser tool is equipped with PressureWave™ technology that delivers laser pulses in rapid succession. The pressure created by PicoSure breaks the pigments in your skin into tiny particles. Your body then removes the particles and eliminates them from your body through the lymphatic system.

In addition to shattering the ink under your skin, the pressure created by PicoSure also stimulates your skin’s natural healing powers to support the regeneration of new skin to replace the inked skin. 

A fresh start in a matter of months

With PicoSure, we can erase your tattoo, and your regrets, within months of starting treatment. The specifics of your plan may depend on the size of your tattoo and the characteristics of your tattoo ink (color, age). Most average-sized tattoos only take about 10 minutes per session. For complete removal of your tattoo, we may recommend 4 to 10 treatments set at 6 to 8-week intervals. 

Because of the intense pressure used during tattoo removal, you may feel some discomfort during treatment. To ease any pain, we may apply a numbing cream to your skin before we get started. After treatment, your skin is very sensitive and you need to keep it protected from the sun with clothing, a bandage, or broad-spectrum sunblock.

When it comes to removing your ink, nothing works better than PicoSure when you’re looking to get a fresh start. To schedule a consultation with our tattoo removal specialist, contact us by phone today. 

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